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Where to Buy Affordable Art in Australia?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

When it comes to finding affordable art in and around Melbourne, many people are often unsure where to begin. The thought of walking into an empty, sterile commercial gallery can be intimidating, and not everyone has the time to drive around town searching for the perfect piece. But fret not, as I've compiled a handy list to help you save both time and money in your quest for affordable art.

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Commercial Galleries

Melbourne boasts a plethora of fantastic and affordable art galleries that are worth exploring. Don't be afraid to step inside and engage with the gallerists. They often represent a wide selection of artists and have more to offer beyond what's currently on display. Some noteworthy affordable art galleries in Melbourne and beyond include:

  • Art to Art in North Balwyn,

  • Forman Art in Burwood,

  • Manyung with locations in Malvern, Sorrento, Mount Eliza, and Flinders,

  • Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD,

  • Gallery Smith in North Melbourne,

  • Tacit in Collingwood,

  • Linden New Art in St Kilda,

  • Sophie Gannon in Richmond, and

  • Eagles Nest in Aireys Inlet.

Online Galleries

If you prefer the convenience of browsing and purchasing art from the comfort of your own home, there are reputable online galleries that support independent artists and even accept returns from buyers. Keep an eye out for their periodic sales by signing up for their newsletters.

are excellent platforms that champion local artists and offer limited edition prints. Additionally, you can explore ArtPharmacy, an online gallery dedicated to showcasing Australian talent, and SaatchiArt, a worldwide platform that connects artists and collectors.

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Art Prizes

Another exciting avenue for discovering affordable art and discovering up-and-coming artists is through art prizes. These competitions not only provide a platform for emerging talent but also offer a chance to encounter unique and unexpected works. Two notable art prizes in Australia are the Linden Postcard Show in St Kilda and the Lethbridge 10,000 Small Works in Brisbane.

By exploring these diverse options, you can find unique pieces that align with your taste while supporting local artists. Don't miss out on art sales and limited edition prints that these galleries and platforms offer. Whether you're an avid art collector or someone looking to add a touch of creativity to your space, the world of affordable art is waiting for you to explore. Don't hesitate to embark on this artistic journey and enhance your surroundings with captivating artwork.

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