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The vortex of sins: Past and present in 3D

The vortex of sins: Past and present in 3D

SKU: carmel001

Print, paper construction -  Paper tole,  2017


Humankind’s existence and consumer patterns have contributed to the indisputable crisis of

climate change. All of humanity has contributed to the perpetual and exponential wave of

waste that is trapped in the vortexes of the world’s Oceanic Gyres. The sea ebbs with the

continual flow of plastic and other slow degrading garbage that swirls gradually around like a clock counting down to our inevitable destruction, each turn becoming more choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds.

This collage, reminiscent of the paper tole method, is constructed using multiple raised layers of photos and plastics that resembles the swirling vortex and visual quality of the incoming cyclone of climate change. My intent is to force upon the viewer a visual reality of a wasteful lifestyle and its consequential role in the destruction of the aquatic food chain and the wider environment.

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